Anime News

Miki Yoshikawa's A Couple of Cuckoos Manga Gets TV Anime in 2022

09 Apr 2021

Anime by studios Shin-Ei Animation, Synergy SP will star Kaito Ishikawa, Akari Kitō

The World Ends With You Anime Replaces Opening Song After ALI Band Drummer's Arrest

09 Apr 2021

ALI's "TEENAGE CITY RIOT" song was slated for TWEWY anime, premiering tomorrow

Big West, Studio Nue, Harmony Gold Agree to Global Distribution of Macross, Robotech

09 Apr 2021

Big West also agrees to not oppose live-action Robotech film

George Asakura's Dance Dance Danseur Manga Gets TV Anime

09 Apr 2021

Manga about young man fascinated with ballet launched in 2015

GKIDS' Earwig and the Witch Release Is Same as Version in Japanese Theaters

09 Apr 2021

Blu-ray Disc/DVD combo of Ghibili's 1st CG feature shipped on Tuesday

Masaaki Yuasa's Japan Sinks Anime Competes at Annecy Again This Year

09 Apr 2021

10-episode series debuted on Netflix worldwide last July

Kazuyuki Takeda's Peleliu: Guernica of Paradise Manga Gets Anime, Spinoff Manga

09 Apr 2021

Manga centering on Battle of Peleliu in 1944 also ended on Friday

Soul Eater The Pefect Edition GN 3

09 Apr 2021

Synopsis: Following their disastrous confrontation with Krona and Ragnarok, Maka and Soul have only barely started to recover. The pair have managed to make up, but underlying fears and insecuritie...